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We really appreciate you wanting to help us have a positive impact in the lives of entrepreneurs everywhere. Our goal at the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute is to reverse the failure rate of small business across the globe.

And now that the Global Entrepreneur Summit has ended, it's time to get to work. We'll share updates with all our marketing partners as they progress. Once again, thanks to all.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to earn money sending others to our Master Classes,
join our Referral Program below.

The Summit has ended, thanks for your support.

Our doors are now open  to begin registrations for this amazing Summit, so we hope you decide to join us today.  Join us, earn some referral fees, and help entrepreneurs across the globe.

Below you'll find details on everything, including our Referral Fees and contests rewards. Thanks for making the time to learn and see if we're a good fit.

- Warmest personal regards,

Tom Matzen, Martin Barnes and Frank Bria, Founders
Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute

Yes, I'd love to support this and help entrepreneurs

The Benefits Of Being A Referral Partner:

Awesome Value!

The single biggest reason to support this Summit is the tremendous value participants will receive.

Thirty-two full three hour Master Classes, all designed to help the attendees boost their impact, influence and income. That's a total of 96 hours of training all for opting in.

And it's not the just the quantity of content. The quality is amazing. Each Authority has been selected because they are experts on the content they teach. They live and breathe this material. And they're good at sharing their wisdom. And it's all been street-tested.

Your tribe will be so glad they found us, and will thank you.

Help Us Help Entrepreneurs Hurt by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

In addition to helping entrepreneurs and those that want to be entrepreneurs with our great content, we believe in something called Strategic Philanthropy.

So, for every single person that upgrades to get lifetime access to these Master Classes by purchasing a VIP All Access Pass, 100% of the Net Proceeds are going to help entrepreneurs hurt by these three devastating hurricanes in 2017.

Led by Martin Barnes, a New Zealand entrepreneur that helped lead recovery in his country when a devastating earthquake hit, we will send teams to the affected areas to help small businesses get back on their feet, survive and thrive.

Help us help other entrepreneurs. You'll be so glad you did.

Our Arizona non-profit, the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute will receive 50% of all VIP All Access Pass to do this good work.

Earn Fantastic
Referral Commissions!

We're proud that 50% of the VIP All Access Passes are going to help entrepreneurs hurt by the Hurricanes. So what about the other 50%? That goes to people like you that help us spread the word.

We can't raise significant money without your help.

So for this global Summit, 40% of all purchases made that are referred by you, go to you. You can keep it as our thanks, or donate it back to help us help more entrepreneurs - either way is awesome and appreciated.

In addition, we've set up a Second Tier Referral Fee of 10% to encourage you to get others to spread the word. We will reach hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs with this Summit with your help, and want to compensate you for that effort.

Our VIP All Access Pass is $197 during the Summit and $497 after the Summit. We track all your referrals using Infusionsoft, a world-class system for tagging and tracking.

Plus you can earn great prizes in our Launch Contest (see details below).

Yes, I'd love to support this and help entrepreneurs

Two Things You Can Promote:

  • Our Global Entrepreneur Summit - Promote this big event that went live November 13th, thirty-two three hour Master Classes, amazing content, your tribe will love this
  • Encourage Others To Spread the Word - In order to raise the money we want to help the entrepreneurs hurt by the Hurricanes, we need hundreds of thousands of people to come to the Summit. Encouraging others you know to spread the word is the best way to help.

Special Referral Contest Prizes

Mastermind and Deal-Making Summit in Hawaii, value $10,000

Our Top Ten Partners Get a Special One Day Mastermind in Kauai and a ticket to our next Million Dollar Strategic Alliance Summit, combined value $10,000 each.

The Mastermind is a full day intensive led by Frank Bria and Tom Matzen, to help massively increase the impact, influence and income you'll have in 2018. This will be held on Saturday, March 24th, 2018 at the Grand Hyatt Kauai. Value $5,000 per person.

The event, the Million Dollar Strategic Alliance Summit, is a full week of deal-making in the AM and building high trust relationships in the afternoon and evenings. Learn more about the event here: http://www.strategicalliancesummit.com/kauai-2018 It's held March 25-30th, 2018, tickets are $5,000 each.


Our Top Three Partners get The Dolphin Pool!!

In addition to everything listed above, our top three partners get a full Dolphin Pool Sponsorship at the Million Dollar Strategic Alliance Summit, value $10,000 on it's own.

This includes a ten minute presentation in front of the entire Summit, and a post-Summit mailing to our entire lists to support you and one of your marketing initiatives (currently 45,000 names and growing daily, expected north of 100,000 by then).

Yes, I'd love to support this and help entrepreneurs